So the 9th marks the day of my birthday and this year I haven't looked forward to it much and also didn't planned anything (maybe I am getting too old?). The sun is usually out, and although the weather was surprisingly miserable this time, it was a good day nonetheless.   We stopped at Ca'puccino for a … Continue reading MY BIRTHDAY 🎈🥂


Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

A guide for beginners, or for people who don't wear makeup often. It can be exciting and even a little nerve-wrecking when starting out with makeup, but here's some mistakes to avoid! [I'm not an expert by any means]          I'll admit, I used to wear foundation that was wayy too light … Continue reading Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Rainy Day

It's been raining non-stop the last couple of days -that's a bit of an exaggeration-, but I spent the majority of today wondering where the summer weather has suddenly gone... and finally, instead of complaining I embraced the rain, made a cup of hot chocolate and set up a relaxing corner in my room. *Let me know … Continue reading Rainy Day