How to Create a Hygge Lifestyle

To start off, some are probably wondering what the word Hygge means..? It is a Nordic word that can be learnt in many different ways. The translation of the word is literally "coziness",  how perfect? Since winter is right around the corner,there's not a more appropriate time to expand on the meaning of this word … Continue reading How to Create a Hygge Lifestyle


Autumn Tag

What are your favorite things about Autumn? Halloween, orange and red leaves, baking ..just to name a few. Favorite autumn scent? Cinnamon? Desired autumn drink?  No pumpkin spice latte bs -Cappuccino or gingerbread lattesss. Favorite autumn food? Anything that's homemade and comfort food. Favorite Halloween movies? The Nightmare Before Christmas & The Addams Family. Go-to makeup? … Continue reading Autumn Tag

10 Ways to Spend this Halloween 💀👻🎃🍭

A Halloween post, (finally!) I've thought so much about what to write for this day and then just thought of the simplest but effective post that is, 10 ways to spend this Halloween. Enjoy! Movie night: grab some movies, popcorn and some snacks along with your friends/family and enjoy some horrors instead of doing anything else and … Continue reading 10 Ways to Spend this Halloween 💀👻🎃🍭

Rainy Day

It's been raining non-stop the last couple of days -that's a bit of an exaggeration-, but I spent the majority of today wondering where the summer weather has suddenly gone... and finally, instead of complaining I embraced the rain, made a cup of hot chocolate and set up a relaxing corner in my room. *Let me know … Continue reading Rainy Day

New Plants

  Before seeing these, I completely forgot the importance of keeping plants. Some believe a house is not a home without plants, and I've been working on kind of "reinventing" my room recently because it's so small, and I plan on filling it with beautiful plants like these ones. These small plants are from TIGER (now … Continue reading New Plants