Goodbye Autumn.. Hello Winter

Technically it’s not winter yet.. but Sunday being the first time it snowed in years in the U.K., it immediately felt like it! Plus, the air has never been much clearer, so it’s definitely starting to feel like winter day by day. I’ve been thinking so much about how to wrap gifts this year (that’s the part I obsess over the most) and been doing little projects here and there because making crafty things is just way more fun during this time of year. I will have a Winter/Christmas DIY’s up soon too. Although Autumn has literally sped past, I have made sure I’ve got some things sorted;

Redecorating and renovating my room: This is quite a big one, as it’s where I do my work, blog, take photos.. but recently I haven’t been loving my room or finding much comfort in it and that was when I chose to remove some old things and strip down the walls -not literally, but a lick of paint and some new furniture has completely transformed the room. Also I realized that I’ve had enough of my pastel green walls that I chose when I was in year 6 of only because my best friend and I shared the love of green.

Exploring London more: because why not? Anyone can easily list the worst things about London but it also has plenty of great spots. I plan to explore, take pictures, find some high viewpoints, take routes I’ve never taken before. I’ve written down a (long) list of places and I’m hoping to tick some off during this season!



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