How to Create a Hygge Lifestyle

To start off, some are probably wondering what the word Hygge means..? It is a Nordic word that can be learnt in many different ways. The translation of the word is literally “coziness”,  how perfect?

Since winter is right around the corner,there’s not a more appropriate time to expand on the meaning of this word and why it’s even more fitting for this time of year. Hygge can be used as a way to describe things such as design and decor, but isn’t about the cost, the money and looking great, but more about feeling great. The Danish way of living; just as the festive season should be.

To know the meaning of hygge is surrounding yourself with happiness, be giving, loving and kind, enjoying the simplest things in life like a crackling fire, snow falling, counting each blessing, being in a good atmosphere, pouring a cup of coffee after a long day.. the list goes on. During these colder days, for me it’s about getting into the routine of sleeping early and knowing exactly how the next day will pan out. hygge is something that screams simplicity, taking every chance to see beautiful things, creating intimate moments, having gratitude, self-care and being content.

Light some candles, grab your favorite book, get under a blanket and værsgo! There’s so many different ways to add some Hygge in your life 💕


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