Autumn Tag

What are your favorite things about Autumn? Halloween, orange and red leaves, baking ..just to name a few.

Favorite autumn scent? Cinnamon?

Desired autumn drink?  No pumpkin spice latte bs -Cappuccino or gingerbread lattesss.

Favorite autumn food? Anything that’s homemade and comfort food.

Favorite Halloween movies? The Nightmare Before Christmas & The Addams Family.

Go-to makeup? Any plummy colour or a dark red lip with not much on the eyes.

Go-to outfit? A long coat, jeans and heel boots.

Oversized cardigans or jumpers? Oversized cardigans for sure.

What is the Autumn weather like where you live? I live in London, so quite chilly around this time of year.. sometimes sunny and sometimes quite miserable!

Favorite thing to do during this time? Taking photos of everything that excites me during this season (a lot), baking and having mornings in.

Cool mornings or cosy evenings? Cosy evenings any day!

Feel free to do this tag ❤




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