Life Update

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A, it’s one of those times where I say I’m busy but when I look back I think… busy with what? Time FLIES and it’s been way too long since I even attempted to write. But, that means I’ve been bursting with excitement about Halloween, even though not many people seem to be in the Halloween spirit! You can read my last post on 10 Ways to Spend Halloween here. I’ve had so many ideas and it was time I put pen to paper and ~just~ ~write~.

First of all, I got a new job(!) which is great, but doesn’t seem very rewarding, although I appreciate that a job is a job. A lot of people get in the same position and it’s just best to hang in there and never stop applying to jobs you’d really enjoy. Getting paid makes it all worthwhile but it’s okay to venture outside of what you already do (or even know).

On another note, it’s Halloween so soon and suddenly I’ve realized that I only put out one Halloween post.. Before this month had even started I was jotting away ideas on what to write, recipes to include but nothing quite went to plan.. Anyway, this weekend I hope to publish another Halloween post, hopefully baking or a drinks recipe so keep an 👁️ out.

Thanks for reading! x




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