Lazy Day Essentials

Happy Monday! I’m having a bit of a lazy day today and actually wrote this a while ago so I thought, what better time to upload this post than today! Enjoy these lazy day essentials.

img_3720Laptop and phone in hand or by your side, throughout a lazy morning (or the whole day) The biggest time consumer and this is what makes your lazy day, lazy. On days like this I fully indulge in blogging, taking photos, editing & replying to emails.

img_3722Bed & blankets– because where else can you fully laze around, stretch in awkward positions and be so snug?

img_3716A treat and a drink- This is probably for more than a lazy day. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea or any kind of  beverage, ofc~! Just in case you wanna stay in your room all day, a few snacks shouldn’t go amiss! (Hershey’s is a bit overrated!)

img_3731Other entertainment– whether this is really awful gossip magazines, your favorite show or even the TV on as background noise.

img_3712Any kind of pampering I didn’t say skin care or nails because there’s more to it than just that and it’s not a need for everyone! Pampering yourself can even just mean surrounding yourself with things you like.. Like having a coffee with a good book, and letting your hair down. I don’t really do much except maybe a face mask or lighting some candles.

Enjoy your lazy day! x


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