So the 9th marks the day of my birthday and this year I haven’t looked forward to it much and also didn’t planned anything (maybe I am getting too old?). The sun is usually out, and although the weather was surprisingly miserable this time, it was a good day nonetheless.


img_3310img_3315img_3316img_3309We stopped at Ca’puccino for a spot of lunch and some hot chocolate espressos. The book displays are always so fascinating to me and right there for a pick-up-and-read-while-it-pours-down-outside kind of situation! 

img_3313img_3312img_3314img_3317The next few hours consisted of walking around and my boyfriend wanting to buy me a present and me begging him not to. (after 3 hours, I caved) For dinner I thought Cabana would be a good atmosphere, whereas the food wasn’t too great (sorry!) but we “celebrated” with a bottle of rosé and as it slowly went straight to our heads, laughed at everything and anything. Back home we cut a cake etc.. it was a Flake cake and super nice and soo sweet.


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