Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

A guide for beginners, or for people who don’t wear makeup often. It can be exciting and even a little nerve-wrecking when starting out with makeup, but here’s some mistakes to avoid! [I’m not an expert by any means]

Screenshot 2017-08-06 at 3.38.30 PM3525479b-2568-4318-a436-27bc1d68cb89         I’ll admit, I used to wear foundation that was wayy too light for me just because I never tested it or never knew how.. I just picked up a shade that seemed fine and that was that. Now, I went from wearing a wrong shade of foundation to being #foundationfree for years now, how strange! Not only is the right shade important but what works best for your undertone. (cool, warm, neutral) Your jawline is apparently the best place to test if a shade is right for you.

Screenshot 2017-08-06 at 3.38.12 PMWhen you first start filling in your brows, remember to do short light strokes and making sure the start of your brow meets the corner of your eye. Also, don’t ignore your natural arch, enhance it. Another thing that I’ve heard and seen a lot is over-plucking brows. Maintain the natural shape of your brows and only pluck underneath the brows, if you’re just starting out.

Screenshot 2017-08-06 at 3.39.12 PM9d03817b-b39d-435c-8800-5922a110811dWhen you’re just beginning to buy makeup for the first time you might think you need all the brushes and all the palettes to use but truth is, you probably don’t need it all just yet.

Screenshot 2017-08-06 at 3.38.50 PMf72af6ce-9007-49d3-b577-d594105f9de5Another craze that took the Instagram world by storm is contouring. Now, there’s so many tutorials and tips on how to contour but sometimes it can still look harsh without you realizing! I don’t do this so I can’t say much except the common phrase “blending is key!”.

Take your time with makeup, experiment and embrace your beauty enhanced or natural. ❤



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