5 Apps for Bloggers

A good editing app-Editing has become so essential to me it’s like a hobby of it’s own. I’m not suggesting a specific app because chances are everyone is used to what they prefer but a few good ones are:

  • VSCO– includes filters that give your photos a “cold” tumblr look, changable strength and image adjustment tools.
  • TouchRetouch– Allows you to duplicate using the clone tool and remove unwanted objects or people from your photos.
  • A Colour Story-includes Curves tool, clarity, different filters and effects *includes in-app purchases*

Instagram-because where else are you going to post hundreds of flatlays relating to your posts? This is probably the best proven way to get your content out there and gain a following. Follow me! @vinitamystery

Pinterest– can give you so much inspiration and ideas for anything such as DIY’s, renovating your home, projects, meal recipes, decor and the list goes onnn.

Google Drive– I love apps I can still have access to offline- this is one of them. Google Drive instantly saves your notes on docs, notes, photos and more in various formats. It also automatically syncs to your account so you don’t have to use the web to upload. And, you can make docs and photos available offline so you can save them to your phone or edit on the going!

Blog lovin’- I don’t use this very much, but it’s a great app for discovering new blogs that interest you in different categories such as fashion hacks, home decor, DIY projects, food recipes, makeup, lifestyle and general blogger inspiration. Find your favorite blogs and promote your own!

Thanks for reading. Small giveaway soon! Read my last post here

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