Blogging Essentials

A fresh mind– to think of new ideas, do some -or a lot- of research into the topic you wish to write about.

Laptop, computer, iPad..-whatever device your writing on of course. I always try and make the effort of carrying my laptop everywhere so I can type on the goooo.18280620_10209117806086593_803126357_n

An organiser– to write down any possible blog posts including titles, small notes on the topics and photo ideas. Sometimes, I roughly sketch out the kind of images I want to take so I know just what to include when it comes to taking photos. Another thing you can do is organise your blog posts by when they need editing and publishing. (A good organiser can also be a feature in your photos!)18281079_10209117806446602_1514563415_n

A break-Β When you’ve written a draft, go and take your pictures,Β don’tΒ publish yet. Instead, take a break from writing and come back to it to read it from a new perspective and go over any mistakes. Or music, if you need it. It’s not an essential for everyone, but some need a little background noise while writing..18254500_10209117806246597_715293835_n

Camera & good editing apps– If you include photos in your posts, before you hit publish, find a good editing app to enhance your photos. It can make alll the difference. I usually stick to what I know best, Snapseed.18279846_10209117806126594_153886762_n - Edited.jpg

What are your blogging essentials?



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