How to Get Sh*t Done

There’s not enough hours in a day and especially not for those like me who struggle with time management. You’ll find that you need some kind of structure and have to master so many things to start your day off right without being overwhelmed, but there are some helpful tips to apply to your day and get more stuff done. You’ll be surprised at the outcome.

Wake up earlier: you’ll hate it, but as soon as you’re fully awake you’re able to get a few more tasks done. Use this time to have a relaxed morning also, start it off the way you’d like; breakfast, checking emails etc..

Make a to-do list (the night before): so you have everything you need to do there on paper for to power through. Consider also making your lunch beforehand, your workspace, handbag and if you take time picking what you’re going to wear, clothes!

Music: can help reduce high pressure and .stress. With the right music, you won’t even realize how much you can get done.

Get out of your comfort zone: this is for people that have submissions & deadlines for job, school, etc.. Your room or even the library might be where you are most comfortable but try somewhere else. A park, your garden, on a train. Motivation to actually do work can strike any time!



12 thoughts on “How to Get Sh*t Done

  1. I totally agree with this list! Especially the part about waking up early, because you feel more refreshed and have the whole day ahead of you to get work done~ 😊 I also find that turning off my cellphone helps a lot too, since I don’t find myself constantly checking my notifications

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