My day.

A lot of bloggers these days (including myself) I think feel that every post needs to be planned, to have a purpose or meaning. When I first started blogging I used to write about my days, where I went and what I did and in the beginning it seemed kind of pointless. But then I realized how much I lovee reading about someone else’s day and what it looks like. So, here is a pointless post of what mine looks like..

It’s such a nice day, and of course, I am here in my room doing nothing but chilling on my bed watching videos and blogging. I’ve had a urge to really photograph something (anything) these days and seeing as I went to some lovely places in London and didn’t takeΒ any, these will have to do!

These small plants have left a not so small mess of dirt all the edge of my window. You can read about them in my last postΒ here.
A headpiece I am making for flapper girl short film.


Thanks for reading,

Vinita x


17 thoughts on “My day.

  1. you know Vinita, there are simple things that makes our lives real and meaningful, like sitting by the window, watch the rain while enjoying a hot cup of tea and feel the spring breeze on your skin.
    these things happens a lot and they happen to everyone, but every time that someone writes about his or her experience of that joy, it still seems new feels awesome to read.
    every second of our life is a precious gift and it is good to share some of it with the others.
    wish you great moments and peace


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