7 Favorite Blogs

This took me soo long to put together, as I have many favorites here on WordPress but finally I have listed here some of the bloggers I like to binge-read!

Mack Marie – You might’ve heard the advice “keep your blog posts short and sweet”, but with this blog, I want to read longg posts showing all the amazing food and travel spots.

idreamofsugars– Jess’s eggless desserts and vibrant images -this is the blog for some different and fruitful recipes!but this blogger’s long detailed posts are what makes her blog so interesting. Love!

Marzia’s Life– It is veryy easy to see Marzia’s fun and creative personality through her blog. It is her diary filled with thoughts, travels and inventive recipes for those lazy but cozy evenings.

Sarah Pratley– I lovee looking through the cool recipes and places on this blog, and the images are soo natural and bright- must read!

Becksx– I have to admit, even though I’m not too into makeup reviews, this girl makes me want to read all about it! Her monthly favorites will become yours too and the photography style is lovely. Interesting and honest blog content, check!.

Poppy Deyes– I absolutely lovee Poppy, EVERYTHING on this blog looks so visually appealing. Her unique style of DIY, photography & healthy food making is the definition of aesthetic beauuty -so inspirational.

Cooking with a Wallflower– With fun recipes and interesting content, you can find a specific dish from the categories under “Food”. So much effort has been put into the posts & I want to make everyyy dish on Andrea’s blog.

Thanks for reading,

~Vinita x



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