Caramel Chocolate Loaf

I vaguely remember finding a great recipe just before Halloween for which I could use my leftover pumpkins in (we made a baked pumpkin cheesecake) and what I basically did with this recipe is double the ingredients, take out the pumpkin and add these crunchy chewy caramel bits instead, while still having a warm cinnamon-y flavor.

Loaf Ingredients:

○  4 eggs

○  3/4 cups white sugar

○  1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

○  12 teaspoons sunflower oil

○  1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

○  1/2 teaspoon salt

○  50g cocoa powder

○  1 & half cups flour

○  caramel sauce

○  caramel bits (see below)


1) Firstly, preheat the oven to 160C and line your tin with parchment paper.

2) Combine your dry ingredients (flour, sugar,cinnamon, ginger, salt, cocoa)

3) In another bowl, combine your eggs and oil.

4) Add wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and fold in.

Caramel bits:

5) For this step all I did was put around 40g sweetened condensed milk into a small pan and burnt it a little bit while slowly stirring. Then, spread it out a little (careful, it will be hot) and put in the fridge to harden. After 5-10 minutes, place in a small ziplock and smash into little pieces with a rolling pin. Done!

6) Drop the bits into your mixture or, pour the mixture into the tin and sprinkle them on top.

7) Bake for about 25 minutes or until skewer comes out clean.

8) Drizzle with caramel sauce.
Let me know if you decide to try this out,

Vinita x


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