Best things about Autumn

There’s 3 things that sum up Autumn for me: food. wine. candles. (and baking, and fireworks etc..) But here’s some ideas to do, that you might not already do!


cooking, cutting board, drinkFood & drink: why not cook up a storm in the kitchen and try some lovely autumnal recipes like soups, bakes, apple/pumpkin pies, pancakes etc.. Also, I think Autumn is secretly an excuse to spoil ourselves (a lil’ bit too much) with hot chocolate and juugs of mulled wine.

unsplashWalks: perhaps doesn’t sound like your type of thing. -I feel like you’re able to appreciate things more in general but, when you come home and make yourself a hot drink and the heating on it’s heavenly. You wouldn’t get that feeling if it wasn’t for the freezing weather outside. Also, there’s nothing like crisp fresh air.

movie-1330523Movies: of course, you can watch movies all year, but curling up with hot drinks and food is unbeatable in the cold, and so are the endless sets of Halloweeny/Christmas movies.

clothes-sweater-colors-wardrobe.jpgLayering: finally, a time to layer as much as you want and feel as snug as a pug. Hats, scarves, gloves and longg winter coats that’ll keep you warm through the next few months.

~Vinita x


3 thoughts on “Best things about Autumn

  1. What a lovely post!!! I totally agree with you 🙂 The crisp air is a delight!! And what a feeling of coming home to something warm. Soups and stews are so comforting…as is baking and the warm drinks you have suggested. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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