Staying on top of work

For people who study a 2, 3 or even 4 year long course, you might know it only gets harder and the pressure just keeps on getting worse. For someone who feels like they don’t have any time on their hands -and when I do it’s late at night), it just feels like constantly asking yourself “where has the time gone?”. It also doesn’t help that I tend to work even better a t night, because then time really flies, so, for this I’ve decided to create a schedule and try to stick to it.

Tips on how to stay on top of work:

1) Keep or create a schedule- it might help you feel and become more organised.

2) Do what is due-whichever work needs to handed in first, complete it! who wants to do that? no one. But it feels so much better to get it done early and this way, there’s always time to improve later. This way you don’t fall behind.

3) Your place- everyone needs a place where they can work. That might be a library, your room or even outdoors.

4) Take breaks- your brain becomes frazzled after staring at a screen or reading.

5) Don’t rush- in order to avoid rushing at all, follow tip no. 2! ^

6) Prioritise- do you really need to be looking through Facebook? -a question I ask yourself when I know I should be working instead.


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