How to // stay motivated

Staying motivated all year long is impossible, but here’s a few things to help along the way..

Keep reminding yourself why-what’s your reason for being where you are right now? What are you aiming for or working towards?

Keep an organizer– (and actually use it) to make those annoying tasks into daily habits, to manage your time and to remind you of what needs doing in simple lists!

Eliminate distractions- oh how hard it is to do this..I always think I can just just surf the internet every few minutes while I study but it never works! Move away from anything that’s distracting you or set time limits on your browser.

Take breaks, not too many- when you are no longer able to focus, remember to give yourself time to clear your head. Move around, try yoga, have a snack and drink plenty of water.

Learn from something/someone- if there’s something that inspires you, use it as motivation and try and learn from them.

Remember to do next time, what you didn’t do this time- keep track of your progress and learn where you may have gone wrong. Take it as a lesson and continue working to improve.

Break things down- break the whole project down into smaller parts or a section of it into list of tasks.

Make it fun- do your work outdoors and do something like having a study picnic (if that’s not a thing, it is now!)

~Vinita x


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