Holland Park // exploring ❤️

This park has to be one of the nicest parks I’ve been to with a lot of open space to have picnics and relax. There is a small cafe and even some tables in the back which is shaded by trees for a nice quiet spot.

With woodland, a sports field, a Japanese garden and some wildlife, these are the things that make this park very interesting to explore and great chance to properly use my lens!                                                                                                                                   Since it was a very sunny day, there were a lot of people around (I will not rant about how many Pokemon Go-ers there were, but it was a LOT)



Coming into the Kyoto garden there was a small wishing well, tons of flowering blooming and a lovely waterfall which were soo photo-worthy.

Although I was happy with taking pictures all day long, it was getting tiring and we hadn’t eaten all day, so after a lot more wandering around Tower Bridge, we somehow caught a train and went to Chipotle!


Thanks for reading,

Vinita x


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