Forgiveness is the way



In a difficult situation where someone has betrayed your trust or wronged you, it seems that out of anger the only right thing to do is to not forgive them.

Even though you want the other person to feel what you feel, what’s better is releasing that pain and hurt. Anger is the main thing you should release, otherwise it can make you bitter, distrustful. ‘Unforgiveness is like punching yourself in the face and expecting someone else to feel the pain.’


Forgiveness is the best revenge, as well as a weapon.

If you don’t know whether you should or not, go ahead and forgive them. You will probably ask yourself “Why should I when this person has hurt me so much?” but there’s nothing better, and it means you’re taking control. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you are then condoning what they’ve done, it just means you’re a good enough person to accept and move on.

When you choose to forgive, you’re not only releasing them from controlling you, you’re releasing yourself from everything bad it ever made you feel. If that’s not self-empowering, what is?

It’ll Help in The Future                                                                                                  Learning how to forgive can help you know how to forgive in the future. It’ll also teach you something whether that’s a positive that came out of a bad situation or what you could do in the future

Be Proud                                                                                                                            Forgiving can be a struggle, and can be a looong process. If you’re finally able to accept the situation and let it go, be proud of yourself for being the kind and positive person you are.


To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Lewis B. Smedes


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