8 Ways to Summer

Although summer is pretty much supposed to be coming to an end, it’s still really hot out. So why not take advantage of the weather?


p1Camp out: Honestly, I’d do this even in the winter, but I think a lot of people would prefer it on those not-too-hot-or-cold nights. When it’s breezy enough, go camping (or create your own glamping pod :P). Go on an adventure and be surrounded by friends, food & nature ❤

p3Drive away: When there’s not much to do, grab some food and friends and go on a longgg drive. End up somewhere completely different and take a stroll. Capture every moment.

Speared VegBBQ: If it’s not pouring down rain, why not. Throw a potluck party for a variety of food and have pitcher-perfect drinks. Decorate your location by stringing up some lights, pinwheel decor and plenty of throws.

p6Bike riding: Enjoy/feel the summer breeze while doing some cardio. Cycling can prevent heart disease by 50%! Boost your energy levels while exploring.

p4Work, work, work: This might not be a way to enjoy, just make it a little better. If you’ve got deadlines over the summer, go to a quiet place like a coffee shop or even your garden. It’s waay better than being cooped up in your house all day. Being in a different setting might improve energy levels and help to de-stress you a little.

p7Discover a new hobby: take up photography, swimming.. learn and master something new!

p8.jpgGames: Add a sport or game to your life, whether that’s basketball, rock climbing, skating, golf, etc..

p2Picnic: Literally it seems like people have forgotten the joy of having a picnic (probably because it’s too much of a bother) and because they find it boring, but it’s such a great way to unwind and enjoy time spent with friends/family. When we think about it now, some worry about the effort of making the food, drinks, packing everything up..but if you have good weather and company, you’re set!

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Thanks for reading,

Vinita x




10 thoughts on “8 Ways to Summer

  1. I absolutely agree with picnics being all but extinct now. These day’s why bother with blankets in the grass and ants and heat when you can easily walk into a diner and vuala! Plus people bring the food to you so there’s that.
    Ugh, I forgot how much I miss innocent picnics with family and friends. Thank you, I’m gonna have to that before the summer ends.
    Love your photos.

    Liked by 1 person

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