The only thing you should take seriously..

Of course people want to strive to be better, to be the best. They have goals and ambitions they want to succeed in, to come out on top and in order to do so, they are to be seriously focused on what they want. But here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t take everything in life so seriously…


1)  Stop worrying– not exactly easy, and not accomplished in a day, but just remember to laugh sometimes, to see the positive side of something instead of negative. As soon as I began reminding myself to look for the good side, I always made sure I found it. That’s how, no matter the difficult situation I stayed happy. About that “route”, it’s better to get a little lost sometimes. If you do think life is short, your time is limited, right? so live without worry.

2) Money isn’t absolutely everything– I get it, it’s a lot. And a lot of people would disagree, but value your happiness over money. Remember to work and push yourself, just as long as you’re happy doing it. You’ll look back at the times you tried, motivated yourself enough to be where you are now (or where you’ll get to).

3) Not everyone has the same pace – An important one! Everyone learns in a different way, at a different pace. There are some behind you and some ahead of you. What’s the same? moving forward. Where you are now could take you to where you need to be. Some have a longer route than others, as long as you find your finish line. Don’t compare your progress to others.

4) Things can change– nothing is more constant than change. Problems today, gone another day. Do not blame yourself for the mistakes of others, as the only actions you can control are your own. Good times won’t last, but neither will the bad.


One of the only things you should take seriously is being happy.


~ Vinita x



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