Things that won’t matter

Later on or in the end, it won’t matter what you wore and what you bought, or what car you drove. What will be remembered is your kindness, how you inspired and made others feel & how you chose to live your life positively.

Why are so many of us obsessed with the newest cars, clothes or shoes? Sure, it’s people’s perception of you, their view and perhaps yours. But it’s crazy to think this stuff matters more than a good heart, kindness and an healthy mind. Of course saying this, it’s not everyone. Some wear the nicest clothes, have the finer things and are full of kindness.


‘Keep your feet on theΒ  ground, when your head’s in the clouds.’

~Vinita x


14 thoughts on “Things that won’t matter

  1. Yes you are right Vinita, its because we stay in materialistic world. Eg. Going for important visit needs nice dressing and also some times you need to go by luxurious car to impress client that we are premium supplier. Its just example but indian philosophy is what you wrote in blog. Nice post. I would say we should be materialistic without losing spirituality. Whaddaya say?

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  2. Just “swam over here from the Community Pool”. Love the look of your blog! So beautiful. And this is a good post, a good question. I guess it’s because we live in a world where possession is more important than character… Sad. But it’s up to us to change it, to teach our kids the right values and make them see that money can’t buy everything.

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