Some things take time

No matter how great our efforts, or how much we try, some things just don’t  happen overnight. But without time we’d be lost completely. These things take time..


Turn the cover and see what’s inside. It’s hard not to, but don’t label/judge something or someone by your first interaction, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover. But when you judge another person, it doesn’t define them. It defines how you are, so give respect in order to receive it. I’m the kind of person who picks up negativity really easy in people without trying to, but there is always good too. Look for it.

Positivity doesn’t come at once

So what? Practice -starting now. Don’t expect the bad, you’ll always see it. Look for the positive, you’ll always find it. 🙂

Let it go

Anger, confusion, hurt, fear. This is what you are feeling now. Tomorrow or the next day you might feel different. Don’t make rash decisions you might end up regretting (talking from experience!) Take your time to feel and figure out what’s stopping you from being happy. Finally, let it out and let it go.


Thank you for reading!

~Vinita x





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