Being a Perfectionist

Perfectionism is like a seesaw, it definately has it’s ups and downs.

“Good enough” is sometimes really good enough. Don’t go searching for perfection (you probably won’t find it). There’ll be  many bumps, but they’ll take you to where you need to be. Sometimes, not having your heart 100% set on something is good. Without keeping your options and mind open, everything other than your idea of perfection will look unamusing (when it could potentionally be better). You’ll never get a chance to be spontaneous!

However, there are always some good things. Being a perfectionist could mean you:

  • improve and to do better.
  • it could mean you are driven/passionate
  • are more organised
  • have better attention to detail
  • are self motivated and persistant

Thanks for reading and for being so supportive. 🙂

~Vinita x


3 thoughts on “Being a Perfectionist

  1. Indeed, Perfection is basically a set of expectations. We must always remember that we all have our idea on what is perfect and hence the term “Nothing is perfect” – What you deem as perfect may not be perfect to others and vice versa.

    Like how some people think Extremely spicy food is perfect and others think mild spice is perfect.

    Awesome post to get one thinking 😉

    Thanks for writing sharing it!

    Your pal,

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