Easter holidays & movies

These Easter holidays have been nice and relaxing.. (A little too relaxing) and I’ve caught up on a few things that I never normally do even if I have the time for it, which is watching movies and painting.

The first week of the holidays I was very excited for Easter. I planned a Easter Egg Hunt for someone else and made all the little clue cards as well as painting cute little eggs onto them. Needless to say, I went a little overboard with it.            My Easter lunch, Lithuanian style, was a lovely time to spend with good friends.




Two movies that I enjoyed watching recently are:

Legend is a crime thriller movie featuring Tom Hardy as both Ronnie and Reggie, the twin gangsters. It’s filled with thrill, drama, romance and death. I love this!  ronreg

The second film is Gone Girl which shows Nick and Amy Dunne. The film is narrated by Amy, about her marriage that is so perfectly presented to the world, which goes terribly wrong. Amy has a treasure hunt with “clues” she leaves for her husband trying to frame him for her murder. Throughout the relationship which is filled with lies, anger and psychotic acts, they always, always manage to show off their marriage as perfect.





Also, thank you to followers ❤



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