Summertime Happiness

I’m that person that practically hates summer.. Whereas winter is cold covered in warmth πŸ™‚ happiness, heat, numb fingertips, frozen feet. I love snowy days especially. (never get any of that here in London) It’s so much better to relax on the couch with a good book and hot chocolate. How much do I sound like everyone else?Β But last summer was so positive for me. It’s usually uncomfortable, not being able to layer which, I still do anyway and then feel more uncomfortable.

This memory of my favorite summer doesn’t consist of anything exciting.Β It was just doing the same thing everyday, and not getting bored. Without doing anything special, planning something big or doing something expensive, you can have the best day with the best people.

1)Get off your phone/device and meet friends.Β 

2) Have some days to yourself. Eat, watch a movie, read a book. Do what makes you happy.Β 

3) Have a picnic, a movie night, swimming lesson. I feel like no one does these anymore? Β 

4) Explore! When I was a little younger, I’d go out with my friends without planning anything -that’s how we’d end up having the best day. See where the day takes you.Β 

~Vinita x

(All photos are my own)


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